ISR Online Investor



Course Overview

The Online Investor:

The online investor is a specific training course designed for novice investors who are looking to build a diversified and stable portfolio.

With a range of different financial instruments discussed and all risk profiles catered for, this course is a sure-fire path to wealth creation. With easy to understand literature and real-world examples, you will not become overwhelmed by the idea of creating stability and security for yourself personally in both the short and long term.

The modules covered are:

  • Property Investing
  • Property Offsetting
  • The Art of Compounding
  • Superannuation & Tax Minimization
  • Securities Trading
  • Derivatives Trading

If you are a seasoned investor and are looking to diversify, or even looking to start your trading career from scratch, give us a call today and find out how simple it actually is to get started.

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