ISR Online Customer Service



Course Overview

The ISR Online Customer Service Course is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge to give you the ability to create customers for life, for both you and the business that you want to represent.

Over 13 modules we will learn where a sale truly begins, how to WOW, how to deal with problems when they arise and much more.

The course is delivered in an extremely easy to follow format of short literature followed by videos that go into more detail on each topic.

Modules covered:

  1. Introduction to customer service
  2. Where the true sale begins
  3. The art of WOW
  4. Creating world’s best practice
  5. Generating repeat & referral business
  6. Dispute resolution
  7. Tonality in customer service
  8. Dealing with problems at source
  9. How and why to use gifts as sweeteners
  10. Breaking the mould
  11. Referral schemes, vouchers and when to use them
  12. The negotiation table & creating a win/win situation
  13. Customer service evaluation

So if you’re looking to take you or your team’s customer service skills up to another level, then there is no other place to start.

Want to WOW constantly? Want to understand why meeting the customer’s needs just isn’t enough or even what exactly you need to do to keep people coming back time and time again?

Then enrol today and start getting people talking about your business for the right reasons.