One-Day Entrepreneurs Course (In-House)


The ISR One-Day Entrepreneurs Course (In-House) is an intensive programme designed for serious business owners, future or otherwise, looking to take their business to the next level.

This is a very content heavy and hands-on seminar, so be prepared to implement the business strategies you learn that very weekend.

Below is an overview of some of the content we cover.


Product/Service Development (choosing the right business for you that solves a problem)
Identifying Your Target Market (where are they & how to get your product in front of them)
Capital Raising (how to find investors and who to choose)


Branding (what message does your brand give to the market)
Product/Service Launch – Marketing (how to generate excitement around your product)
KPI & Metric Reporting (how increasing each key metric can increase turnover by 61%)


PR & Leveraging (when to use public relations and how to leverage off companies and ambassadors)
Leadership & Man Management (how to create an empowered company with great culture)
Customer Experiences (creating a customer experience that is enjoyable)


Lean Sigma & Waste Reduction (reducing waste in your process to increase margins and profits)
Passive & Residual Income Streams (how to create a business running autonomously and making you money whilst you sleep)
Multi-Media Marketing Strategies (the power of social media and how to utilise different mediums)


How to complete a business valuation (understand what your business is worth)
How to prepare a business for sale (positioning it in the market to appeal to buyers)
How to transition business management effectively (creating systems that can be adhered to by anyone)

Award Winning Sales Coaching

We will also be covering the revolutionary #SWISH Ethical Sales Method that has helped businesses experience rapid growth, with some by over 1000% within just 12 months.

The uniqueness of this training is how we show your staff that you don’t have to lie, bully or manipulate to get a sale.

Recognising that revenue is a sophisticated term for sales, like it or not, we are all in sales and if you can’t sell, your business will fail extremely quickly.


Programme Facilitators: Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood