ISR Online Sales & Telemarketing



Course Overview

The ISR Online Sales and Telemarketing Course is designed to assist individuals of all experience levels.

Within the course, we will dissect the core principles of sales and marketing and focus on both the inner and outer game of selling. Our educators have trained and managed thousands of successful sales and marketing personnel and helped them to achieve financial freedom by harnessing their skill set, adopting a new level of drive and developing a level of mental stability that is integral in a heavy commission based industry.

Upon completion of the course, you will immediately gain access to the exclusive ISR Jobs Portal. (If job seeking)

The graduate will then have an ability to select from all of the businesses we represent nationally and apply for their positions. Once the business selects the graduate in return, employment will commence.

We will negotiate and complete the execution of your contract, taking away all the hassle for you applying for jobs, attending interviews and agreeing on contract terms by bringing the employers to you.

You have all the power in your hands, you can simply make your selection of which job you wish to secure from all of the employers that offer you a position and then focus simply on being ready for your first day, ISR will take care of absolutely everything else for you.

Modules covered, but not limited to:

  • Goal setting & action planning
  • The ethical influencing system
  • The levels of learning
  • Integrity selling & business ethics
  • Mastering tonality
  • Opening interactions (over the phone & face to face)
  • Script deliverance
  • Beating the gatekeeper/getting to the decision maker
  • Building rapport
  • Gathering ‘the right’ intelligence
  • Sales funnels to zone in on problem areas
  • Removing limiting beliefs and lowering action thresholds
  • Tools of influence
  • The importance of features and benefits and how to deliver them
  • Removing our own fear and ego
  • Inner game control
  • Body language (non-verbal communication)
  • Objection handling & rebuttal deliverance
  • Transaction completion
  • Customer service

If you’re in sales and want to increase your results dramatically, or if you’re new to sales and are looking to learn from a team that has been there and done it, millions of dollars of times over or even if you’re not necessarily directly in sales but have a product or service to offer, then give us a call on 07 5531 6485 and we can let you know what would suit.

Completing the ISR Online Sales and Telemarketing Course will make a wide range of jobs available to you if you’re job seeking. Currently, 96.2% of the job seekers who have completed the course have gained employment through our Job’s Portal with an average starting salary of $41,860.

Sales Modules

ISRSMS001 Sales Principles
ISRSMS002 Ethical Influencing and Integrity Selling
ISRSMS003 The Use of Tonal Patterns and Ranges (Tonality)
ISRSMS004 Influencing Tools
ISRSMS005 KPI Reporting (Sales Funnels)
ISRSMS006 How to Generate Repeat and Referral Business
ISRSMS007 Customer Service

Marketing Modules

ISRSMM001 Opening Interactions and First Impressions
ISRSMM002 How to Beat the Gate Keeper (Getting to the Decision Maker)
ISRSMM003 Professional Telemarketing
ISRSMM004 Script Deliverance
ISRSMM005 Multi-Media Marketing Strategies
ISRSMM006 Active Listening and Efficient Questioning
ISRSMM007 Prospecting and Qualifying