What Jobseekers Can Learn From Rihanna’s Bold Dress Choice at the Met Gala


Anyone who has been on social media or has seen any morning show in the last week has seen a picture or ten thousand of Rihanna dressed in a huge floral/bubble type dress worn to the Met Gala. From the outside, in comparison to a lot of the other celebrity attendees, Rihanna looks as though she has gone completely over the top! However, what most don’t realise is that the Met Gala guests are actually given a theme to adhere to. 2017’s theme was announced as Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons. Rei Kawakubo, who has been the creative director of Comme des Garçons since its inception in 1973, has long been heralded as one of Japan’s greatest fashion designers, constantly questioning the norm and never afraid of upsetting the fashion canon. Of all the fashion forward fame that walked the red carpet, the only person to relate to the theme with magnificent grace and precision, also happened to be the person who gained the most attention. That person was Rihanna.

As a jobseeker going for interviews in a highly competitive job market, the lesson to be learned from Rihanna’s bold dress statement is simple; stand out for all the right reasons. It does not matter if you are just starting out in the industry or if you are an employee with years of experience, it is crucial to take the following steps if you wish to stand out from the crowd.


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Find out where it is you are going, who you are meeting, what they do; basically any information you can find on the company you are applying for or interviewing with. 10 to 15 minutes spent on google prior to an interview can be the difference between receiving an offer or being turned away. Having the right knowledge of the company will result in you being perceived as someone who shows initiative and plans for situations. You will also much more comfortable you will be when not walking into an area you know nothing about. It also helps to prepare appropriately for the interview by having guidelines on what the interview will entail ie. whether it is a group interview or a one on one. Start thinking about the questions they may ask and have some ideas about what you would like them to know about you.

Dress accordingly


If you are not told what to wear to the interview, be proactive and ask! Showing up in casual wear to an office interview or office wear to a labouring interview can set things off on the wrong foot and hinder your first impression. Be like Rihanna and show up in the requested attire!

Be early

If the interview is scheduled for 10am, be there at 9:45am. Always aim to be 15 minutes early as being late is a tough first impression to come back from.

Radiate Confidence

Possibly the hardest thing to do in an interview is to maintain confidence, especially when being asked questions that you never prepared for! Having interviewed thousands of people for hundreds of positions over the years, all of the ISR recruitment consultants will agree that most of the time a candidate with no experience and an abundance of confidence will be rated higher than a candidate with a lot of experience and lack of confidence. We’re not saying go in assuming you’ve got the role and talking like you should be running the business, but answer questions whilst looking them in the eye and try not to give one word answers. It’s important to stay calm and collected. Make an effort not to fidget or express nervous body language. Don’t forget to smile!

Whether it be a one on one interview or a group setting these 3 key steps can make a massive difference in the way a potential employer will remember your face in the crowd. Like Rihanna at the Met Gala, no matter what everyone else is doing, when looking for work and meting potential employers Research / Prepare / Radiate Confidence and make a memorable statement.