Due to the fact that we place between 20-30 people in work every single week, the jobs and positions we have available are always changing.

Here is a snapshot of only a fraction of the roles we are currently recruiting for:



Hours: 38 hour rotating roster (7.30am – 7.30pm availability with some weekends)

Base:  $40k/ annum  Commission: Scaled depending on packages  OTE: $70-80k/ annum

Location: Broadbeach

Brief description: Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative travel organisation. This company have various roles available from contacting airlines, hotels and resorts to help them tailor a package to market, through to assisting people who have purchased holiday vouchers. Numerous options exist for internal promotion and incentives, including heavily discounted travel rates.

What others love about this role: Great for candidates with a passion for travel and a great attitude looking for a career, not just a job. Must be computer savvy and able to commit at least a year.



Hours: Monday – Friday (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Base:  Apprx $25.00/hr (varies by location)  Commission: $75 – $225 per seen appointment  OTE: $1500/week

Location: Various

Brief description: Contacting people via the telephone with the intention of finding working homeowners who wish to save money on tax by buying property.

What others love about this role: Offers the security of a high base pay for candidates with enthusiasm and drive – culture is massive in this company!



Hours: Monday – Friday (9.00am – 3.00pm or 3.00pm – 8.00pm)

Base: $24/hour  Commission: Scaled depending on amount of leads passed through  OTE: $900/week

Location: Surfers Paradise

Brief description: Well-known marketing company based right in the heart of Surfers Paradise with a fantastic reputation across the industry. In this position, you will be representing an insurance company over the telephone, generating interest in simply finding out more regarding current premiums and offers and then passing potential new customers through to a qualified insurance broker. Great, supportive environment within a company that we have supported for years now, with regular training and incentives.

What others love about this role: Great earning potential for candidates looking to work within part-time hours.


Advertising Sales

Hours: Monday – Friday (9.30am – 4.15pm)

Base: Negotiable  OTE: $1050.00/week

Commission: 40% of everything generated over $1500, targeting 5 sales per week @ $650 per sale

Brief description: Start-up company funded by a Bond University grant for winning Enterprise of the Year award, hosting an online website similar to the White Pages. These guys give smaller trade-based companies the genuine opportunity to compete with larger ones by putting their services in the eye line of their consumers.

What others love about this role: Looking to get into sales? This is a great place to start, especially for people with trade backgrounds.



Hours: Mon – Fri (7.00am – 3.00pm, 8.00am – 4.00pm, or 9.00am – 5.00pm)

Base:  $23/hr  Commission: Upselling incentives split amongst the team

Location: Surfers Paradise

Brief description: Online car servicing website, giving immediate access to over 1600 highly qualified mechanics. Book everything online, fix in your price and everything is taken care of for you. Various roles are available from customer service to their “hunter” accounts manager position.

What others love about this role: Offers security in a full-time role for candidates with that special spark. Personality is extremely important for this company!



Hours: Mon – Fri (8.30am – 5.00pm)

Base: $40k (debit-credit)  Commission: 1% of amount brought into fund (target of $1million per month)

Location: Surfers Paradise

Brief description: This billion-dollar company are currently one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Australia. The role encompasses discussions around consolidation of Super into one central fund, with options for low, medium and high risk investment strategies. This is a career, not just a job; you will be put through your Financial Planners qualification within your first couple of months in this role.  This is a genuine life changing opportunity for the right candidate.

What others love about this role: Great for experienced salespeople, or those with a background in the financial industry, who are motivated with a desire to succeed.


Give us a call today on 07 5531 6485 and one of our friendly Career Consultants can let you know exactly what positions are available this week.

We look forward to speaking with you!

The ISR Team


The exclusive ISR training Academy

Due to our extremely strong relationships with the businesses that we represent, ISR is in a unique position as sales trainers, whereby we offer every single individual that we place into employment ongoing paid Sales & Customer Service training, regardless of experience.

Not only does this give you the peace of mind going into the new role, but it ensures you have the best possible platform to learn and develop whilst in the job.

If you are accepted into the academy, the training will start before your first day when you will be given access to our award-winning online Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service training course. This is alongside product specific training you will receive from the business and ongoing face to face coaching from our international trainers at ISR.

Acceptance into the academy gives you:

  • Access to our Award Winning Online Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Training Course
  • Access to our FREE recruitment process, nationally
  • Access to your very own dedicated Student Support Officer
  • A personally assigned Sales Coach, who will be specifically chosen based on your experience and your goals, available once a week for 45 minutes, either face to face or over the phone
  • Budgeting assistance on how to save and maximise your earnings
  • Access to ongoing coaching videos
  • Replacement options if you were to move or relocate
  • Opportunities to attend events held by ISR throughout the year


The Training is delivered in short video format and covers the following, but is not limited to:


Module 1 –

Welcome Message

Course Fundamentals

Goal Setting/Action Planning/Mindset Shifting

Opening Interactions/First Impressions (1.48 secs Face 2 Face/4.5 secs on the phone)

Getting to the Decision Maker/Beating the Gatekeeper

Module 2 –

60-Day Stretching Program (work harder than you’ve ever worked before, from today)

Building Rapport (consciously & unconsciously)

Gathering Intelligence (value added intelligence)

Module 3 –

The Ethical Influencing System (the new model of sales)

Ethical Influencing System Framework

Objection Handling (ARIO/Tonal deliverance)

Rebuttals (language patterns/timing)

Module 4 –

Mastering Tonality (the power of tone & the 8 major tones to focus on)

The Four Levels of Learning (why you will hit a wall & how to overcome it)

Module 5 –

Attribute Modelling (why learning from those that have experienced this before is key)

Limiting Beliefs (how to remove limiting beliefs that stop customers acting)

Action Thresholds (lowering peoples action threshold)

Module 6 –

The Inner Game of Sales (controlling your own headspace)

Integrity Selling and Business Ethics (why we never have to lie in modern day sales)

Tools of Ethical Influencing Definitions (the 7 tools essential to ethical influencing)

Module 7 –

Features and Benefits (creating an emotional & logical airtight case)

Language Patterns (through the body of your presentation)

Module 8 –

Change and Blame Cultures (removing the need to blame, by learning from actions)

Body Language (essential for face to face sales)

Sales Funnels (how to work them and find areas to focus)

Module 9 –

Closing Tools

Closing Language Patterns

Mastering Tonality in the close

Module 10 –

Transaction Completion

Customer Service (WOWing your customer to ensure referrals and repeat business)

Marketing Script (deliverance and structure)


On completion of the training, our support and guidance will never end. Our aim is to assist you to become the best version of you and it starts with you, today.

 apply now