ISR has a range of exclusive training courses available, from private education and short courses, nationally recognised qualifications, all the way through to Real Estate Licensing, for individuals that are either wanting to upskill in a role or create immediate employment opportunities if they are a job seeker.

These courses will allow you to obtain relevant training utilising international material combined with the best practical application skills, to allow you to become a professional in your industry in the most efficient manner available.

Upon commencement of any of our training courses, you will immediately be assigned dedicated support agents and student support officers that will hold your hand every step of the way.

So if you are looking for an education, leading straight into a career, or even have a career, but want to take it to another level, ISR can provide you with an education and a job, today.

Sounds simple, it really is. 

Choose the course that suits you and ENROL NOW.