Why do we have such a high success rate?

Here at ISR, we have developed the most innovative & efficient recruitment process in Australia and have trained, coached and mentored 1000’s of world class sales personnel and companies over the years including Groupon, STA Travel, Mantra, Fairfax Media & Real Insurance to name a few.

Many of these individuals had absolutely no experience when they joined, what we call, our ISR Training Academy and now many earn 6-figure incomes and up, utilising the skills we have taught them.

Something we pride ourselves on though is our ability to take seasoned sales staff to the next level. So, if you already have sales experience and have had different types of training over the years, then we are super excited to work with you to massively increase your income too, by simply looking at sales from a unique and modern perspective, focusing on how the consumer of today buys.

We are here for you always and are regularly creating new material and educational content to stay relative to the fast-moving market that is sales, marketing & customer service.

Our recruiters, coaches & mentors have decades worth of sales and negotiation experience covering: Real Estate / Insurance / Advertising / Education / Finance / Superannuation / Solar and much more. However, we never stop learning ourselves and the businesses we represent expect the same from you.

Not only are we affiliated and recruit for some of the most reputable businesses nationally, but we are also corporate training agents for many of them, often working in the businesses daily, which is how we make our money. For that reason, we know exactly what they are looking for and only present them with the most suitable candidates.

We receive hundreds of resumes weekly and aim to reach everyone within 48 hours.

We average just 5 days across the board to get people into employment and then our aim is simple: Ensure you excel in the role through ongoing support and guidance, forever!

After an initial phone consultation, our careers advisor’s may invite you in for a further screening and to explain the roles in more depth. We will then inform you if you have been successful to go forward to our Digital Success Day for the positions we are recruiting for that week. If you are unsuccessful, we will pay you the courtesy of giving you a call to offer feedback for future interviews.

If successful, every Tuesday, the businesses that we represent access our online job’s portal where successful candidates will hold a digital resume. The businesses can watch a video showcase all about you (*video is optional, but recommended), read your bio and ISR personally represent and ‘sell’ you to the businesses. This is called our DIGITAL SUCCESS DAY.

If we feel you are right for the businesses after our initial screening process, we will offer you a place in our exclusive ISR Academy.

All Academy invitees will have access to:

  • The Award Winning ISR Online Sales & Telemarketing Course, regardless of experience
  • Access to our FREE Recruitment process (Success Day), nationally
  • Access to your very own Dedicated Support Officer
  • A personally assigned Sales Coach, (specifically chosen based on your experience and ambition), available once a week for 45 minutes, either face to face or over the phone
  • An ability to pitch yourself in a 60-90 sec Video Resume for all the businesses to access
  • Personal representation from ISR’s Respected Professional Negotiators
  • The option to Select the Job’s you’d like to be considered for in order of preference
  • Budgeting Assistance on saving and investing
  • Access to Ongoing Coaching Videos

Please respect, we receive a lot of applications and must filter through to ensure we maintain quality and our reputation. Show us you really want these jobs and we will do everything in our power to assist you, but we will only put candidates through if we are extremely confident you will gain employment.

The journey to employment starts now.

Your video (if applicable), bio, and digital resume will be uploaded to the job’s portal for the businesses to access. We currently average 3-4 job offers per person and most will be looking for immediate starters. (Please let us know if you need to give any notice period so we can inform the businesses).

For example, if we speak with you on a Friday, we would invite you in for a face to face screening on the following Monday and aim to have you onto the Digital Success Day on the Tuesday, interviewed by the businesses on the Wednesday and have answers for you by Friday and into work the following week.

Here at ISR, we get result’s, please only apply for our roles if you are a serious job seeker and prepared to come in for an interview.

We look forward to helping you start your new career and achieving all you desire.

The ISR Team – It’s Simple Really.